Chief Gallagher Innocent!

The Navy SEALs Fund – Brotherhood Beyond Battlefield® is honored to be standing with Chief Gallagher and his family from the beginning. We are grateful for all the many supporters that donated their time, resources, and financials to ensure Chief Gallagher was provided the best Legal Defense team  and that his family was supported throughout this fight…. continue reading

“Dear Brother” – A Letter From Sean Gallagher

Navy SEALs Fund and Navy SEALs stand with Chief Gallagher and his family. The trial begins Monday.
Please read the letter from Chief’s brother, Sean Gallagher.

Chief Gallagher Released from Pre-Trial Confinement!

Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher was released from pre-trial confinement late Thursday after a contentious pre-trial hearing in which Navy prosecutors’ admitted misconduct came under serious scrutiny. When the Defense Team identified the cyber spyware in emails sent from Navy Prosecution/NCIS, the Prosecutors admitted to installing the tracking software. Chief Gallagher’s Legal Defense Team made a… continue reading

Frogman Down – 26 May 2019

Sunday, May 26th at 1500 PST/1800 EST Locations Nationwide Listed Below Internet Live-Stream viewing: – A Day Of Remembrance – National Toast to the Brotherhood Join in person at one of our sponsored sites or follow the live broadcast at your own gathering as we remember our Fallen Brothers. Each live stream site will remember… continue reading

Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher Extraordinary SEAL Biography

Fulfilling a lifelong call to serve his country and a sacred family tradition, Chief Eddie Gallagher joined the service soon after high school in 1999 and enlisted in the Navy. He joined the ranks of his father, a West Point graduate and retired Lieutenant Colonel, two naval aviator uncles (one of whom died in the… continue reading

TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE…Support For Navy SEAL SOC Eddie Gallagher Needed

Please visit donation page here: Justice for Eddie Gallagher Support Fund In June 2018, a band of NCIS thugs in full combat gear, masquerading as SWAT, watched the family home of a highly decorated war hero whom they had locked up in custody (on what we believe to be drummed up charges), waiting for his wife… continue reading

Wake Up Warrior – Men of ACTION

Wake Up Warrior – Men of ACTION. Blessed to be partners with this incredible organization. On the evening of 22 June 2017, Navy SEALs Fund – Brotherhood Beyond Battlefield® leadership was invited to WUW – Warrior Conference 1 to share our story and most importantly say THANK YOU for all the support WUW has given the… continue reading