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The Navy SEALs Fund is a 100% Volunteer organization. We are humbled to have the dedication and commitment of our Officers and Board Members who give freely their time and resources.

All of our Volunteers are patriotic supporters who use their unique talents and skills to raise money and/or awareness for the Navy SEALs Fund-Brotherhood Beyond Battlefield®. Anyone who has an idea, no matter how large or small, please contact us at getinvolved@navysealsfund.org to discuss your concept and how we can work together to implement your awareness/fundraising idea.

All Volunteer plans to Get Involved must be endorsed by the Navy SEALs Fund prior to any promotion.

All endorsed events/programs will be promoted on our website and social media platforms as applicable. If you are seeking to raise funding for the Navy SEALs Fund, please use this link Get Involved: NSF-Brotherhood Beyond Battlefield® for setting up your own fundraising page that will send donations directly to the Navy SEALs Fund. This ensures all donations are 100% tax-deductible for our supporters.

Your support is truly appreciated!