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Warrior Week

The Navy SEALs Fund – Brotherhood Beyond Battlefield® is Honored to have the support of Sam Falsafi and Warrior Week. (https://www.warriorweek.com/)
Since 2012, Warrior Week has affected over 30,000 lives as the original transformational experience for men. 
Sam Falsafi (founder of Warrior Week) has chosen the Navy SEALs Fund to be their exclusive partner for the past 8 years. Having direct actionable impact helping the Navy SEALs in need financially, physically, and through sponsorship to attend Warrior Weeks so that they can change their lives.
Warrior Week is a place in the world that’ll guide you to FIND THE TRUTH about your purpose…
…while simultaneously helping you repair and grow your relationships with your wife, children, and business.
Warrior Week calls on MEN to RISE, to harness the COURAGE to knock on the DOOR of what could be possible if they lived their purpose, and FIGHT to PROTECT those they love.