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TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE…Support For Navy SEAL SOC Eddie Gallagher Needed

Please visit donation page here: Justice for Eddie Gallagher Support Fund

In June 2018, a band of NCIS thugs in full combat gear, masquerading as SWAT, watched the family home of a highly decorated war hero whom they had locked up in custody (on what we believe to be drummed up charges), waiting for his wife to head out for work, leaving two children at home alone.  With full knowledge there was no adult in the home, NCIS thugs stormed the house and pulled the young children of an American war hero out of the house at gun point in their underwear.

On Patriots Day, September 11th, 2018, Chief Eddie Gallagher, while undergoing TBI treatment was shackled like a common criminal and taken from in-patient care treatment facility at NICoE Pendleton.  Chief Gallagher was held in solitary confinement while remaining shackled for 72 hours and has now been in jail for over a month on pre-trial confinement.

As one decorated, retired Navy SEAL war veteran told us: “I have only heard about such things from my mother and grandmother who survived Nazi occupation in Europe, recounting to me how Hitler’s GESTAPO treated occupied, conquered nations.”

There is no justification for these “GESTAPO” tactics, and the terror unleashed on American children. It was designed to inflict pain, torture and break down the father of this family. Especially, when NCIS “agents” mere hours after the raid on Chief Gallagher’s family explicitly described how they saw his family at his house that day.  They were gloating after keeping him locked in a room for over 7 hours, not allowing him to speak with his lawyers. These actions are torture, mental torture, being perpetrated by the NCIS upon an American war hero and his family.

NCIS mentally tortured an American war hero with the hopes of breaking him down and forcing him to admit to false charges out of fear for his family’s safety. These actions are NOT allowed even towards terrorists and the terrorists’ families. 

When a state entity is allowed to terrorize our children and our families, we need to take action or no American children and families will be safe.

We ask you to contact your Senator and Representative to demand an investigation and prosecution of the NCIS thugs and their leadership who were involved in committing these cowardly terror acts toward this American family, and those who mentally tortured this American War Hero.

US Navy SEAL, SOC Eddie Gallagher has been accused of doing his job and taking the fight to the enemy, and now faces charges of mistreating an ISIS terrorist. Sound familiar?

The Navy SEALs Fund – Brotherhood Beyond Battlefield® – is urgently raising funds to assist with the financial impact of US Navy SEAL, SOC Eddie Gallagher’s fight for justice!

Our organization has supported the fight against these types of erroneous claims in the past and we were able to help our Navy SEAL Brothers win exoneration both by raising funds for their legal defense and family support, along with building sheer strength of numbers from the community. It’s time to do it again.

Join us and give if you can, if not, share our efforts with your network and let’s free Chief Eddie Gallagher and clear his name. Help us get Eddie back home to his loving wife and children.

Please understand this fight is not just about Eddie, there is a war taking place at home on our Warriors. We are on standby to assist other Navy SEALs also fighting to restore honor and integrity to their names, backed up by the reputation they have built through decades of selfless sacrifice and taking the fight to the enemy.

These are Highly Decorated, Honorable Warriors, who are facing outrageous allegations and fighting for justice while maneuvering within the UCMJ system. Let us make a statement with Eddie’s case that the Brotherhood and Americans everywhere will not stand for injustice forced upon our Heroes through the manipulation of the UCMJ system by crooked career seekers.

100% of the donations raised by this campaign will be used to defend Chief Gallagher and provide support for his family as they fight for Justice!

The Navy SEALs Fund – Brotherhood Beyond Battlefield® is Honored to be working directly with Chief Eddie Gallagher’s family, who has full transparency of this fundraising campaign.

Please visit donation page here: Justice for Eddie Gallagher Support Fund

If you would prefer to donate by mail, please send checks to:
Navy SEALs Fund
Attn: Justice For Eddie
PO Box 89
Mason OH 45040