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These stories are shared only with the explicit permission of the individuals.

“I was medically retired from combat injuries after almost 17 years in the Teams. I applied for financial assistance 3 months after I retired as I was still not getting any retirement pay or VA compensation. My family was forced to use our savings accounts to pay monthly bills, school tuition etc. With the most recent injury I have been unable to work a steady job and in typical NSW fashion… on top of the financial burden we are currently dealing with, the HVAC system to our children’s rooms just completely went out. Stuck between a rock and a hard place I reached out to the Navy SEALs Fund. I told them my story and emailed them the cost of the HVAC unit. In less than 24 hours we received payment for the entire HVAC bill. I honestly can’t express how much you have helped us during this difficult time. You are a world class organization and will be my foundation to donate to in the future. Thanks again and please let me know if I can do anything for your team.

SOC (Retired)

“On behalf of the Healy family, we’d like to sincerely Thank the Navy SEALs Fund for their continued dedication in recognizing their fallen brothers. The recent frogman down event held on Sunday, May 16th was well organized and the families had an opportunity to be present or watch virtually. For those of us who were not able to get to one of the many locations, it meant so much to be able to watch via the livestream. To hear Dan’s name among his other fallen brothers meant the world to us.

Much love and respect for your mission and support for the families.

Jen Healy Jones
GOLD STAR Sister of Senior Chief Navy SEAL Dan Healy, KIA
AFGHANISTAN, 6-28-2005

“I still can’t accurately describe my gratitude, but will try. Thank you does not come close to the feeling of appreciation I have for all of you, and your foundation. You have literally changed our lives, to a degree and in a way that I had almost lost hope of completely. My children now have a place they can call home.

Thank you for helping my family and I gain a much needed foothold. Thank you for your support and generosity. Thank you for getting a safe home for my children to grow up in. Thanks to everyone that donated.”

 FORMER NAVY SEALNavy SEALs Fund’s Operation Frogman Santa

“The Navy SEALS Fund is, most importantly, a legitimate 501C non-profit. There are far too many scams taking advantage of generous, good hearted people who want to support families of fallen and injured SEALS with their financial donation.

The Navy SEALs Fund were extremely responsive and caring after the loss of my son, a former Navy SEAL. They were instrumental in ensuring my son’s 4 year old daughter lives in a safe, comfortable home providing the foundation for a secure and happy life. I, as will all my family, will be forever grateful to the Navy SEALs Fund and all its donors and supports. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

 ROBIN GUZZO ANDERSEN, MOTHER OF FALLEN NAVY SEAL ROB GUZZOPlease take time to visit the Rob Guzzo Memorial page to celebrate the life of this Warrior.

Hello am the Gold Star father of Michael Strange KIA 8-6-2011. Three months after the worse day of my life I tried to go back to work. I deal black jack at a casino in Philly. Dealing with the public for 8 hours was not happening. Everyone is still going on with their life and my son is dead. People happy and talking about getting married and go on vacation. Michael never had a chance to get married or go on are next vacation. I kept breaking down start crying that horrifying cry. The casino people were great I would take a walk smoke a cig and go back then it would happen again. I tried for months and could not make a full week of work. I fell behind on everything. I was ready to get evicted, thrown out on the street.

The NAVY SEALS FUND came through. They helped us catch up with everything: rent, electric, phone and food. God Bless Rachel & Thomas and all the people who help out. We would have been homeless.

We are so grateful and so thankful. Losing my son is something that comes at us every day. I will walk with a limp the rest of my life but to know that the NAVY SEALS FUND is always in my corner is a great feeling.

I’m told by anonymous SEAL sources that Michael would often intercept a cell transmission, break the Pashtun code word of the day almost instantly and then focus in on certain ambiances. The sound of a nearby stream, a muezzin’s call to Jumu’ah prayer, or even revving Honda motorcycles (Taliban insurgents are often traveling by motorcycle convoys) using some of the most sensitive headphones and listening devices in existence. Think of Gene Hackman character from the 1974 Francis Ford Coppola classic thriller, The Conversation: the taciturn surveillance and eavesdropping expert who, with his supremely trained hearing and state of the art listening devices can apply almost surreal situation awareness to recreate scenes he cannot even see.

Using similar aptitudes, both learned and innate, Michael was able to give his brothers in SEAL Team Six coordinates on which they could almost instantaneously vector in, proceed on foot in stealth or more explosively via Apache or Super Stallion helicopter to complete their operations”


“I still remember the feeling of helplessness and despair I felt the night I received a phone call from my wife and heard her sobbing uncontrollably and unable to speak on the other end of the line. The police officer who was there with her took the phone from her and informed me that she had found her son (my step-son) dead when she returned home from work that evening… I couldn’t imagine the pain she was feeling, but I knew it was more than any mother should ever have to bare. I informed the officer that I would be there as quickly as possible and asked him not to leave her alone. 

I did my best to be there for her emotionally, as did the rest of the family, but it was beyond tragic for her. I focused on taking care of the arrangements and relieving her of that burden. Then the reality of the situation from a logistical and financial perspective began to sink in for me. We were starting from scratch, and the costs of everything was a bit overwhelming and unexpected. You don’t imagine losing a child so suddenly and unexpectedly, and there really isn’t any way to plan for such an event, but I was determined to keep this burden off her shoulders. 

I had made all the funeral arrangements and was expected to have it paid for in full later that day. I had hoped that the Navy SEALs Fund might be able to help me a little, as I am a veteran of the Naval Special Warfare Community and spent 25 years serving in the SEAL Teams. I called and let them know what we were going through. Their reaction was unexpected, and beyond my wildest expectations. They were so supportive to me emotionally, and it was the first time I’d really had an opportunity to feel the loss from a personal perspective, as my focus had been on the pain that my wife was feeling. Not only were they there for me personally, but they were there for me financially as well. By the time I got to the Funeral Home, the bill was already PAID IN FULL! 

I can’t tell you how thankful I am for The Navy SEALs Fund, and I cannot over-express what an amazing organization they are. They were a Godsend to me and my family in our time of need. There was no red tape, and their response time was absolutely incredible. The Navy SEALs Fund has zero paid staff, and everything they receive by way of donations goes straight to helping Naval Special Warfare members and their families in times of need. Thank you to Rachel and Drago for being there for my family, thank you to The Navy SEALs Fund, and thank you to all who have contributed to this wonderful organization.”