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Wake Up Warrior – Men of ACTION

Wake Up Warrior – Men of ACTION. Blessed to be partners with this incredible organization.

On the evening of 22 June 2017, Navy SEALs Fund – Brotherhood Beyond Battlefield® leadership was invited to WUW – Warrior Conference 1 to share our story and most importantly say THANK YOU for all the support WUW has given the Navy SEAL Community and many other amazing Veterans over the last two years.

In 2016, Wake Up Warrior not only committed to… but put their money where their mouth was and DONATED over $100,000 to the Navy SEALS Fund – Brotherhood Beyond Battlefield®. Garrett White and Sam Falsafi have been leaders driving the partnership between the Brotherhoods.

In 2017, the Sheep Dog Project is being driven by Sam Falsafi with the purpose of getting each and every Warrior within the WUW Brotherhood to donate and raise that Donation bar to $500,000 by 31 Dec 2017. If you have had the honor of meeting Sam or any of the WUW Leadership, you know they don’t play games, they are men of their word, and they Makes Things Happen. Period.

Within the first 10 days, the Warrior Con1 Challenge has donated $40,165 to the Navy SEALS Fund – Brotherhood Beyond Battlefield®. A gift that has already changed the lives of three former Navy SEALs who were in search of support for alternative PTS/TBI treatment. This includes a retired SEAL who was denied financial assistance partly because he was Pre-911.

The money donated to our charity goes to the Mission. There are no salaries. There is no Red Tape. We make this happen, we get things done. Period.

The Navy SEALs Fund- Brotherhood Beyond Battlefield® is leading the way in finding, funding, and increasing access for the Navy SEAL Community members in need of alternative PTS/TBI care. Some of our current work will help to open the doors to other Veterans outside of the Navy SEAL Community.

Please help us, help others get the care they need and deserve. The veterans deserve it and so do their families.

In Sam’s words:
“STOP your pushups …it won’t change anything!
You want to HELP and SUPPORT the men that bled for YOU, ME and OUR FAMILIES….
Put your MONEY where your MOUTH is and DONATE
WE WILL RAISE $500,000 by December31st 2017
Without YOU
The INVITATION is here …