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JOCKO Podcast 276

DRAGO. Rebelling Against Communist Poland, to Patriotic Navy SEAL.

Honored to have Jocko Willink host the founder of Navy SEALs Fund – Drago – on his podcast. You do not want to miss this!

Please make some time to listen and learn where Drago’s passion for giving back comes from, a true fighter for Freedom and Dedicated to making sure his Brothers will not fall! Drago is a guy you want in your corner, relentless in the pursuit of what is right.

A very special Thank You to Jocko and his team for supporting Navy SEALs Fund. Our sincere gratitude!!

Jocko is an inspirational, proven leader on the battlefield and off. He continues to lead the the way with Echelon Front or you can take it to the next level with Jocko’s Underground Premium Content: https://www.jockounderground.com

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0:00:00​ – Opening
0:04:44​ – Drago.
3:04:15​ – Final thoughts.
3:09:29​ – Hot to stay on THE PATH.
3:27:41​ – Closing gratitude.