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GUTS – Greatness Under Tremendous Stress

Book Fundraiser by Navy SEAL Ed Hiner (retired)

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and an ideal time to emphasize the importance of accepting when we need help and the life changing impact of reaching out to offer help to those in need. The Navy SEALs Fund – Brotherhood Beyond Battlefield® is focused on removing barriers to care, and ensuring that no one goes it alone. Every person is unique in their needs and the Navy SEALs Fund has made it a priority to provide customized support quickly, at the time of need.

My name is Ed Hiner, and I am a retired Navy SEAL and proud member of the Navy SEALs Fund Board of Directors. It has been an honor to be a part of an amazing organization that helps and supports All Generations of current, retired, former UDT/SEAL teammates and dependents, including Gold Star Families. The Fund provides immediate help to those in need, within hours. No red tape. All volunteer. No salaries resulting in nearly 100% of all donations going directly to support the mission of caring for the Navy SEAL Community.

I recently released my next book, GUTS–Greatness Under Tremendous Stress, and I am excited to be giving back with this Fundraiser during the Month of May. For every book you purchase, all the proceeds (40% of purchase price), go to the Navy SEALs Fund – Brotherhood Beyond Battlefield®.

Purchase a book here: GUTS – Book Fundraiser

GUTS is more than a motivation guide. It’s a complete life-changing program full of powerful, transformational strategies straight from the Navy SEAL playbook. It’s like a personal boot camp for retraining the brain, breaking bad habits and thought patterns, taking risks, and turning apathy into action. Whether it’s starting a business or changing careers, leading a team, or getting fit, this book supplies all the basic training you need to change your relationship with fear, thrive in adversity, develop resilience, and accomplish your greatest goals. It doesn’t take a miracle―it takes GUTS.

Below is a quote from one of my colleagues Tony Robbins #1 New York Times bestselling author:

“Iron Ed shows us how to create a different relationship with fear, manufacture motivation, and achieve tremendous results. GUTS will awaken the warrior energy in you!” Tony Robbins, #1 New York Times bestselling author.

GUTS also talks about my own transition from combat back into the civilian world, facing my own issues like many of us do. I used GUTS principles to retrain myself and got back to doing what made me thrive and what made me happy.

I made promises to myself in combat and one of them was to do what I could for my brothers that sacrificed so much. Our warriors and their families have sacrificed tremendously and deserve our support, so thank you in advance for your support!

In addition to my promise to support and help my brothers, I also made a promise while downrange to help kids in need. As I watched children suffer the ravages of war, I wanted to do more to give back and today I am keeping my promise. I mentor San Diego children in foster care on how to overcome obstacles to success, using the essence of SEAL Training with proven principles shared in GUTS.

Beyond the financial donations to the Navy SEALs Fund from book purchases, I invite you to consider donating purchased book(s) to support youth who would benefit from GUTS principles, teaching them mental toughness to thrive in life and not just survive.

The youth are the future and we must do more to set them up for success. Please contact info@navysealsfund.org if you or your company would like to participate in this twice blessed gift – a financial donation and in-kind donation – supporting a great cause and great futures.

*Book donations can be made in large bulk purchases.
**The Navy SEALs Fund will coordinate book gifts for NSW children and also with the ‘Friends of the San Diego Central Library’ nonprofit organization who provides critical support for the San Diego Central Library & local children in need.

Your support is greatly appreciated!